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XRZY is an ecosystem of creative products, services, and ventures from the mind of Jordan Guillory. Founded on principles of adventure, individuality, authenticity, and expression, XRZY operates as a bold, Black woman-led brand looking to foster greater self-acceptance and creative development.

Jordan Guillory founded XRZY in 2020. Now 25, the artist is based in Atlanta, Georgia. In her creative purists, Jordan considers the concepts and phenomena of colors, shapes, contrast and community, leading to bold and dynamic pieces offered here on xrzy.us. With a background in both arts and technology, Jordan's experience pushed XRZY to be innovative and disciplinary, producing projects beyond the shop, such as the Sis the short film



XRZY is a brand that                                     

seeks out the unusual                                  

and exciting experiences and                    

opportunities as potential                           

sources for inspiration.



Embracing the characteristics that

distinguish oneself from others

and makes you special is core 

to our brand.


Being true to who you are, and                   

maintaining a sense of sincerity                       

plays a central role in the ethos                  

of XRZY.                                                            



Conveying and communicating

your feelings and values boldly

and honestly deeply informs

the practice and designs of XRZY.